Iridium Corporate Finance – The Smithy Creative
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Iridium Corporate Finance

Iridium Corporate Finance is a startup company advising and helping technology companies to prepare for growth or sale. They wanted a brand identity to help launch their new business in a highly competitive sector.

Following workshops and one-to-one interviews, we learned that many businesses looking to grow or sell were often overwhelmed by the complexity of the process. We also learned that the technology sector is not always easily understood by potential funders. We distilled all of these findings into the unifying idea of ‘We understand’.

The logotype highlights the three letter ‘i’s in their name, representing the three parties involved in any deal – Iridium, the client, and the funder or buyer. The lines are included in various forms across print and digital media – appearing on stationery, website, social media avatar, apparel, and even as a proposed racing car livery design.