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Building a brand

Building a brand

Recently, I’ve been enjoying watching a great behind-the-scenes YouTube series called ‘Building a Brand’.

It follows the story of branding agency, Blind, in the USA and their process of rebranding Hamilton Family Brewery in California.

In the 11 short episodes, you’ll see it all – from discovery meetings, research and brand strategy, through to logo creation, visual identity and a film for their website.

The creative directors at Blind

What’s really great about the series is it’s honesty. The clients and the agency never shy away from sharing exactly what they’re thinking and feeling at every stage.

The completed Hamilton Family Brewery visual identity

And the process that Blind take is exactly the same as ours. Firstly, it’s about getting to the heart of a business or charity, finding out what makes it tick before developing a strategy, tone-of-voice and visual language to communicate it.

It’s a really fun process and already this year, we have worked on several branding projects, including a church, a charity in the Caribbean and a business startup.

If you’d like to discuss how The Smithy Creative can help your organisation have more impact, just get in touch.