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Racing into the future

Racing into the future

A little while ago I challenged myself to create a visual identity for one of UK motorsport’s most well known clubs. While this is only a personal project – and not requested by BRSCC – I’m actually very pleased with how it developed.

Looking at the original badge, I wanted to strip it back and explore what elements are key to the brand, and how to breathe new life into it.

The yellow shield had to stay, as it is iconic in UK motorsport, particularly at a club level. The next elements that had to remain, are the two flags – representing the UK and motorsport.

By focusing on these three elements, the badge is now more dynamic and has more movement. The two flags now converge to form a road. They move forward. They show direction. They lead the way – to reflect the brand.

I also looked at how the logo might work on other items, exploring how elements of the flags could be used as part of the visual identity.