The Methodist Church – The Smithy Creative
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The Methodist Church

The Methodist Church asked The Smithy Creative to refresh their tone of voice and visual identity to ensure engaging and consistent messaging.

Through interviewing the leadership team and other key staff, we uncovered values that began to drive their tone of voice. We then created clear tone of voice guidelines including example paragraphs to help their writers and designers engage a wide range of internal and external audiences.

We also completed a visual audit of the vast number of communication pieces they produce, both in print and online. This enabled us to create a simple brand architecture structure along with a series of style scapes to lead the development of a new visual identity.

The visual solution already existed in the shape of the orb and cross symbol in their current logo – a uniting symbol with huge spiritual meaning across the whole church. Using the orb and cross at a variety of sizes ensures that the heart of their brand appears in every piece of communication.

The new identity was launched with a series of booklets and programmes at their annual conference. A comprehensive brand guide was supplied to all internal teams, showing the flexibility of the identity with softer typefaces, icons, illustrations and further items such as email templates, books and booklets.